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Residents of a Murang’a Village decry increased theft of their livestock

Residents of a Murang’a Village have decried increased theft of their livestock and chicken during curfew hours.

The residents of Ciumbu Village in Murang’a south sub county this week held a peaceful demonstration at Makuyu Police Station demand action by police officers.

The irate residents accused local police for arresting a resident who was suspected to be among the notorious thieves, claiming that main criminals are at large and the officers opted to arrest an innocent person.

They wondered why the theft of their animals has increased this time the government has announced curfew at night in effort to combat spread of Covid 19.

The residents said in past few days they have been spending their nights awake so as to guard their animals from being stolen.

Some of the locals, claimed that they were forced to keep their goats and cows in their main houses in fear of being taken away by a group of goons who have been terrorizing the villagers.

The residents said despite having made numerous reports at Ciumbu police post, no action has been taken against the thieves whom they claimed they are well known.

The resident  who was arrested, one Peter Mugo is said to had gone to make report on how he lost his chicken only to find out someone had recorded a statement earlier accusing him of theft.

Mugo was released after residents protested and asked police to get the real culprits behind increased theft of livestock.

One of the residents, Osnesmus Kariuki said they have had enough and gave the police a week to take action against the culprit.

“If they don’t, we will storm his home and recover our stolen items. We know his home is full of stolen items. We refuse to continue living in fear,” he said.

The  Makuyu MCA, Stanley Muhia said all theft victims should record statements so that the thief can be punished.

“I have noticed that the police officers at Ciumbu have not been backing up the chief and assistant chief, and that gap has made it very hard for the administrators to follow up on such cases,” he said.

Muhia  said locals cannot continue to lose their livestock and asked the police to handle the matter once and for all.

By  Bernard Munyao

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