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Residents urged to coexist peacefully

Kongoni Member of County Assembly (MCA) in Likuyani Constituency, Robert Makhanu, has underscored the need for peaceful coexistence among various communities in Nangili area.

Speaking at Nangili Market, Makhanu reiterated the need for individuals from various communities within businesses in the market to shun ethnic profiling and live harmoniously for the sake of their own growth.

He said Likuyani is a multi-ethnic constituency comprising of all communities, hence perpetrators of negative ethnicity will not be tolerated.

“Kongoni and any other Ward in the Constituency do not belong to any individuals. We are all Kenyans entitled to live anywhere we choose to in the Country.

“If anyone attempts to spread hatred in the area we shall not hesitate to take action,” he stated.

He told Nangili traders to embrace businessmen from outside the Constituency who are ready to invest in the market as the community stands to gain.

“Let those who wish to invest in Likuyani do so. They have the freedom as Kenyans,” he said.

Makhanu said he does not want to experience a scenario like the one that occurred over the Christmas period along the border of Likuyani and Soy in Uasin Gishu County, where a small disagreement degenerated into burning of property.

He said the area suffered a lot during the 2007 post-election violence with many individuals especially businessmen losing property due to tribal hatred.

“We shall not allow any person to issue eviction threats based on tribe or political affiliation. Let everybody regardless of their tribe stay put. Nobody will be forced to leave here,” Makhanu said.

On security, the MCA called on Nangili landlords to always ensure they have proper details of their tenants to avoid harboring criminals.

Nangili Market Chair Caleb Mdogo also condemned the tribal undertones being propagated by a section of individuals, calling on the traders to unite for the sake of their own growth and development of the market.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait and Britney Imeleny

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