Sang encourages parents to invest in their children’s education

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Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang has called on parents to educate their children as a way of ensuring they have a bright future.

Speaking during Madaraka Day celebrations held at Nandi Hills Stadium on Thursday, Sang noted that lack of education has been one of the greatest challenges in our country since independence.

He noted that his government is committed to supporting education to ensure all children access education without any hindrance, regardless of their background.

The county boss observed that educating children is key to positively driving a country’s economy, adding that as a government, they are investing in building structures in schools, equipping learning institutions, and increasing bursary allocation.

“We know our parents are experiencing the challenge of raising school fees for their children. As a county, we are looking forward to increasing bursary allocation, increasing the number of vocational training colleges, and equipping them to be able to accommodate more youths,” pointed out Governor Sang.

He, however, observed that enrollment in learning institutions has improved over the years since independence.

“In the next financial year, the Nandi County government is looking forward to increasing bursary allocation from the current Sh60,000 to Sh120,000.

Sang advised youths to venture into online jobs instead of waiting for employment, noting that those who have joined online jobs are earning attractive incomes from the comfort of their homes.

“For those youths who have graduated, as you wait for employment, utilize the online platforms to venture into online jobs. Don’t waste time on social media,” he noted.

On her part, Deputy Governor Yulita Mitei noted that school-going children are safer when they are in school rather than loitering aimlessly, adding that parents and guardians should try by all means to ensure their children stay in school, even if it means seeking support.

“As parents, let us ensure our children are in school. They are safer while in school, and this helps them not to engage in illicit drug taking or even end up on the streets,” explained the deputy governor.

Nandi County Commissioner Caroline Nzwili called on all government officers to work together and eradicate the second-generation brews, noting that it has greatly affected our society, including the education sector.

“As we know, alcohol has been a great concern in our society. I want to urge all public officers to join hands to ensure we eradicate second-generation alcohol as per the deputy president’s directive,” she stated, adding that is the only way to save our society.

By Ruth Mainye

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