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Security tightened at the coast ahead of festive season

Security has been beefed up in the coastal region ahead of the Christmas and New Year festive season in anticipation of high numbers of visitors.

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata said visible security will be in place alongside intelligence surveillance across the region before and after the celebrations.

Elungata observed that full proof security measures had been put in place ahead of the festivities to avoid any untoward incidents.

Speaking to KNA in his office Elungata said the tight security measures were aimed at ensuring the safety and security of residents and domestic and foreign holidaymakers.

He said police officers will be patrolling tourist attraction sites and beaches during the December and New Year holidays to guarantee the security of the fragile tourism sector.

“We want the general public and holidaymakers to fully enjoy these festivities peacefully but this calls for everybody’s involvement because bad elements in the society might use such joyous occasions to disrupt the peace,” said Elungata.

Elungata who is also the chairman of the regional security and intelligence committee noted that the patrolling will help monitor the shorelines, lookout for any antisocial elements and offer help in cases of emergencies.

“We have stepped up security measures and mobilized adequate security personnel to guarantee safety and security of all tourist sites in Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale and Lamu to ensure a trouble free holiday season,” he said.

The RC said the security agencies are on high alert and will be conducting routine patrols and intrusive inspection of vehicles and people around highways and the numerous tourist and public spots before, during and after the entire holiday period.

The senior regional administrator said the government has taken deliberate steps to ensure that people are safe and secure as they make merry adding that security personnel would be conducting regular patrols especially on highways and along the public beaches.

“We are alive to the security threats currently facing Kampala and we don’t want to take chances here especially during this festive season,” he said flanked by Coast Regional Police Commander Gabriel Musau.

He went on, ‘tight security is in place especially in strategic places like beaches, shopping malls and places of worship’.

Suicide bombers have targeted the Ugandan capital killing at least three people and injuring more than 30 others. Attackers on motorcycles blew themselves up near parliament and the city’s police headquarters.

The administrator has also urged the people to strictly follow Covid-19 health protocols during the festivities.

Elungata said the enhanced security measures were aimed at ensuring the safety and security of everyone and that ‘people celebrate the festivities without any hitches’.

He called on hoteliers, proprietors of entertainment places and shopping malls to ratchet up security checks during the festivities.

“Public beaches, tourist hotels and government installations are under surveillance of security agencies to ensure no attack of whatever magnitude takes place” said Elungata.

During the festive seasons Mombasa, Malindi in Kilifi county and Diani in Kwale county usually record a high influx of domestic and foreign tourists hence the need to beef up security.

Elungata said as police provide extra security in and around the tourist hotspots ‘we urge Wananchi to be on the look-out for wrong elements within the society’.

Musau said generally security is under control ‘but we are on high alert to ensure safe Christmas and New Year’s celebrations’. He asked residents to be vigilant and work with the security agencies to ensure an incident free holiday season for all.

The police chief called for public vigilance during the festivities noting that their role is very crucial in the fights against crime.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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