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Senator condemns rich people, grabbing bursaries

Meru senator Mithika Linturi has condemned well to do parents who are grabbing bursaries at the expense of needy ones, who end up failing to send their children to secondary schools and other institutions of higher learning.
Speaking in Maua town Sunday, Linturi said it was unfortunate that able families in Nyambene area grab National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) bursaries putting their legislators in awkward situation, when the needy pupils fail to report to school.
“Some rich parents in Igembe South constituency have grabbed bursaries from the NGCDF putting their area MP in a fix. Bursaries are meant for the needy and not political supporters who are capable of raising school fees for their children,” the senator noted.
He told those undeserving cases grabbing bursaries that they risk attracting the wrath of God for denying the needy much deserved opportunity to pursue education.
Linturi further called on the area residents to distinguish mandate of the national government from that of the county government to avoid laying blame on their MPs, for functions that have been devolved.
“We cannot blame John Paul Mwirigi, the country’s youngest MP for lack or slow renovation of Maua town because the function belongs to the Meru county government. He represents Igembe South constituency in the national assembly and not the county assembly,” he said.
He called on area residents to desist from pressurizing their MP but rather channel such grievances through the area members of county assembly.
However, Linturi gave credit to the Meru county government for the works taking place in Maua, especially Gachiongo suburb that has been transformed into a 24 hour economy through miraa business.
By Kamanja Maeria

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