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Service board members authorized to monitor projects

Members of the Kiambu County Service Delivery committee have been mandated to monitor and supervise development projects in their jurisdiction to establish  their status.

            Kiambu County Commissioner Mr.Wilson Wanyanga while chairing the Kiambu Service Delivery meeting at his boardroom yesterday empowered the members of the committee to be assertive so that they are able to check and report on all Government projects they came across in the villages where they lived and even at their workplace.


    “You are all required to be observant everywhere you go so that in case you spot a project that might have stalled and it is not known, you can come and report to this committee so that action can be taken to ensure that it is completed with a purpose of serving mwananchi,” he noted

            The administrator regretted that at times some of the implementing agencies abandoned the projects midway but when a report was required from them, they presented some that did not match was on the ground, and that this was wrong and should not happen especially in places where some of the team members traversed.

            “You will find that some implementing agencies gave contradictory reports when called upon to do so and that the truth is only found through complaints from the members of the public or through social media” said Mr.Wanyanga.

            He, therefore, instructed all officers to be able to pass by, inspect and know the status of the projects in their proximity so as to help those awarded to construct them to complete them in record time.

            The County Boss also briefed the committee on the work being undertaken by the  County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) saying they had assisted a lot in the supervision of the legacy projects which had a timeline that was just on paper but on the ground, very little progress was seen.

            The chairman told the team that as they progressed on any given project in their areas, they should share the successes with the media so that the people can appreciate what the government was doing for them. “When projects are completed and ready for use, the beneficiaries should be told so that they can appreciate what the government was doing so that they were not engaged in rumors bent on undermining the government when it had invested billions of shillings in many projects that will transform their lives.”

            He observed that when the achievements were shared, then we would have officers including wananchi from other counties coming to Kiambu County to benchmark and borrow a leaf so that they can have the same in their counties.

            Saying that Kiambu had numerous projects that the Government had invested in, he regretted that they were not visible and that it was tempting for Wanjiku to complain that the government was sleeping on her job when it was not the case.

            The meeting was told that Githurai Market was at 80 percent completion and that the traders were eager to have it completed so that they could be allocated their stalls and resume selling their wares.

            As a result of the construction of the new market, traders have erected temporary shelters along the busy roads in the area, thus posing danger to themselves and motorists who are forced to slow down and allow pedestrians cross the road at areas that are not designated.

            The next meeting was scheduled for March 16th, 2021 when the director of Education is expected to brief the team on the preparedness of the National examinations that are scheduled to begin in a fortnight.

by Lydia Shiloya

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