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Six die in Bunyala Boat Tragedy

Police officers based in Bunyala Sub County in conjunction with the Kenya Coast guards are still searching for bodies of six people who believed to have died after a boat they were travelling in capsized on within Khanette area Friday night.

Speaking to the press in his office this morning, Bunyala OCPD Peterson Nayakundi said that seven survivors are undergoing treatment at Port Victoria hospital.

Some realtives of those believed to have drowned in last night’s accident

“Last night, there was a boat that was moving from Sigulu Island in Uganda but on reaching an area called Khanette , it capsized and all the passengers on board fell into the water,” he said.

He added that the Kenya Coast Guard Officers moved swiftly and rescued seven passengers who were later rushed to Port Victoria hospital for treatment.

“The six passengers have not been found and are feared to have drowned. Our officers in collaboration with the Kenya Coast Guard Officers are still looking for them,” he
According to the OCPD, the boat had 12 passengers on board and among the casualties are three men, two women and one child.

The accident is believed to have been caused by strong wind that was experienced in the County last night.
By Salome Alwanda

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