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Three suspects arraigned in court in connection with murder of a Prison wardress

Three   suspects  among them a  woman, were on Friday arraigned in a Murang’a court accused of killing a prison wardress.

The  three, Joseph Otieno Ochieng, Rogers Namukolo and Mary  Amollo  were presented before Resident Magistrate (RM), Sheila  Nyaga  accused of killing Pauline Wangari, who  was a prison wardress at Murang’a GK Prisons.

The  Criminal Investigation Officer (CIO), Phoebe Okomo applied before the court to allow police complete investigations considering the intensiveness of the murder case.

Okomo  told  the court that the three were arrested on their way to Kisumu on Thursday and thus they are flight risk if they are released on bond or cash bail.

The  CID officer further prayed that the investigation officers be allowed to search residential houses of the suspects, saying some household items of the deceased went  missing immediately after the murder incident.

“Your  honour  I seek for search warrant to the premises of the suspects as some items of the deceased went missing after the incident,” added Okomo.

At  the same time, another criminal investigations officer standing before the court also prayed for a suspect who was arrested earlier and detained in police custody  be released under police cash bail.

The  CID  Officer,  Abdallah  Ali  after  swearing affidavit requested the court to release  Peterson Njiru  who was arrested  on Wednesday and detained in police custody, saying the  main suspects of the murder have been arrested.

Ali  said  that Njiru who was the deceased’s boyfriend should be released on bond so as to help in investigations if a need  arises.

The  suspects did not object applications by prosecution prompting the RM to grant investigation officers 14 days to detain them at Murang’a Police station and  an issuance of a search warrant.

The  RM  further released Njiru and ordered him to be reporting at DCI office in Murang’a when needed.

The  case of the three suspects was scheduled to be mentioned on May 31.

The  body of the wardress was found lying on her bed with several knife stabs and head injuries on Wednesday morning.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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