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Universities urged to use available resources prudently

The  Chuka University  Vice Chancellor  (VC), Prof. Erastus  Njoka  on Thursday challenged universities to use prudently resources they receive from the government while sourcing for alternative sources of funding.

Prof. Njoka  said the funding through capitation given by the government is not enough hence the need for universities to source other means of funding their activities.

“What the government is doing is a lot and if the universities are able to get learners from other countries they can do so to compliment the funds they are getting from the government,” Prof. Njoka observed.

He noted other overseas universities are doing the same by advertising their courses in the country so as to attract students as alternative means of sourcing for funds.

On  course progression, the VC who was addressing students of Chuka University at Embu Campus during commissioning of a new bus said it is now easy for a learner with a certificate to progress to degree level and above.

“The universities have their own system of course progression, adding that when one has done certificate course universities have set their own system on how such a person will transit to the next level, including credit transfers through their course outline,” he added.

He  said it is a bit hard for a learner from TVET with a certificate to progress to universities since they have their own system of progression which may not favour those from TVET.

Prof. Njoka called for close coordination of universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions since the two complement one another.

Universities  offer  managerial courses while TVET offers technical courses which in the long run complement one another adding that universities produce managers while TVET institutions produce workers.

The  VC urged the students to avoid drug abuse which is rampant in higher institutions of learning and mostly targeted by vendors as ready market.

He  challenged the government and other stakeholders to step up their efforts in fighting the menace so as to redeem the young generation.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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