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Walk the Ant-Corruption Talk, Executive Told

The  Likoni Member of Parliament, Mishi  Mboko  has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to have current corruption cases  concluded  and public resources stolen recovered.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday during Madaraka Day Celebrations, Mishi called on the President to change the corruption narrative to tangible action against culprits.

She said Kenyans want to hear how much money has been recovered and brought back to the country to fund programs that have stalled due to lack of funds. “That is the kind of actions we want,” she said.

“It’s time for a different narrative. We want to be told the names of people responsible for looting public resources and the punishment handed to them,” Said Mishi

“The stolen resources hidden in foreign countries could be used to buy drugs for hospitals, books for our children and making roads to facilitate transport of farm produce for our farmers to the market,” she added.

Mishi  warned against a ‘plot’ to close down a University Campus in Mombasa due to lack of enough students, saying this will be a big blow to coastal people.

“We are against the plot to close the university since it is a well-established national public institution that has

produced some of the brilliant minds in the country and the coastal region.

If   the  institution  must close some of its branches, she added, it should be in other places but not Mombasa since the  region  does not have enough institutions of higher learning.

By  Joseph Kamolo

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