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Woman appeals to trace mother of abandoned baby

An elderly woman in Embu is appealing for assistance to help trace a young woman who abandoned a less than one year old baby boy at her doorstep within Dallas Estate on Sunday, August 21.

Dorothy Kari who is a food vendor said the woman walked to her doorstep at around 2 pm as she was preparing her ready-to-eat food for her clients and requested her to watch over the baby as she went to relieve herself in the adjacent church toilet.

The distraught woman said the young woman came back and requested her to continue watching over the baby as she went into the church where she had left her mother to collect her baby’s change clothes.

She said the woman never came back and she has now been forced to abandon her business that she hitherto operated from dawn to dusk to take care of the toddler.

“I am appealing to anybody who may have information with regard to the whereabouts of the young woman to come to my rescue so that I can be able to resume my daily chores,” she said.

She noted that the runaway mother was youthful and spoke to her in Kimbeere dialect adding she had claimed to hail from Kiminda village in Mbeere South Sub-county.

Kari said she had already reported the matter to the area chief and the police. She however described the toddler as a cool baby who had not given her hard time as she continues babysitting him.

By Samuel Waititu

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