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World Kidney Day marked in Iten

As the world marks World’s Kidney Day, experts have warned people that the rising cases of kidney related complications is attributable to eating of processed food.

Dr Silvia Mibey says the health sector has witnessed a steady increase in the number of patients with kidney complications in the recent past.

Mibey, a physician at Iten County Referral Hospital in Elgeyo Marakwet County, said the complications are attributed to the diet and lifestyle that has been evolving over time.

While addressing the press during the World Kidney Day event that was marked by a kidney walk to the hospital, Mibey said that consuming of processed foods such as sausages is linked to the growing number of patients with kidney complications.

“We have always insisted that people should avoid animal-based proteins and move to consuming plant-based proteins such as legumes which are easily processed by the body,” she said.

She added that salt that is common in most foods that we consume should be used in moderation to evade future complications of the kidney.

She said other risk factors that lead to kidney failures include diabetes, hypertension, lupus and other infections.

She urged people to maintain a healthy diet while ensuring that they are physically active to avoid getting such complications to the organ.

The medic said statistics have shown that one in every ten people are likely to be faced with kidney complications in their lifetime.

In the event that was marked by free screening services, people were screened and informed of the status of their renal health.

The World Kidney Day which is marked all over the world is a day to remember the functions of the kidney and what should be done to ensure that the organ remains in a healthy condition.

By Walter Kibet

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