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Activist call on the security agents to pursue terror suspects

Garissa  town  residents  join  activists  on Monday January 27, 2020  in condemning terror attacks  in  Kamuthe Primary School and other areas. Photo by NA

A  section of activists have called on the security agents in the area to move with speed and apprehend those behind the recent terror incidences and prosecute them for the heinous crime.

Addressing  the press after a peaceful procession through the streets of Garissa town on Monday, the activists led by Mwalimu Salah Yusuf condemned the terror attacks terming them cowardly and uncalled for.

“We are urging the security agents to purse the suspects even if it means crossing the borders to the war torn Somalia, the safe haven for the Al-Shabaab terror cells,” Yusuf said.

He said human right defenders in the area support the government crackdown on extremist groups and their sympathizers.

He urged the locals to volunteer information that will help security agents to contain Al-Shabaab militants who have scaled their attacks since late last year.

The activist also called on specialized security agents involved in the fight against terror to operate within the confines of the law.

“In the fight against terror, there have been extra judicial killings, disappearances as well as destruction of properties. We urge the government to fight terror using the law,” he said.

Yusuf  said the peaceful procession was aimed at educating members of the public to work with government agencies in the fight against terror saying the terror has affected every sector in the region.

“We have decided as civil societies, members of the public and the government agencies to come together and work in the fight against terror. We will support all initiatives in getting rid of these criminals,” he said.

The procession follows the terror attack in Kamuthe where 3 non-local teachers of the local Primary School were shot dead by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.

A week earlier, 4 pupils of Saretho boarding primary were also killed following dawn attack.

Mohamed Adhan, a peace youth advocate said violent extremism has become a threat to life for area residents.

Adhan said the youth are the most vulnerable in the recruitment and radicalization by the criminals that have staged several attacks in the region.

“Terrorism has no religion. We have come together today to pass a message to youth to help the government fight terror. We will not allow our teachers and children to be killed just like that,” he said.

By  Jacob  Songok

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