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AG Justin Muturi sworn in as JSC Commissioner

The newly appointed Attorney General Justin Muturi has been sworn in as a commissioner of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Muturi was sworn in by the Chief Justice Lady Justice Martha Koome.

Just after taking the oath, Muturi assured that his Commission will make considered and informed decisions that shall be geared towards safeguarding the independence of the Judiciary while ensuring that judges and other judicial officers remain fully accountable to the people of Kenya.

“On this my first day with you, may I assure you of my full and unwavering support and commitment towards the fulfilment of the role of the Commission,” said Muturi.

He thanked the CJ for the great work done so far towards building the kind of Judiciary that Kenyans, through the Constitution, aspire to.

Muturi commended the progress that has been made especially since the promulgation of the current Constitution in 2010 noting that more still remains to be done.

“There is no doubt that there has been significant and commendable progress in enhancing access to justice, and in making our courts more effective, efficient and transparent,” he added.

As a result, the AG stated, public confidence continues to grow in our courts, as they increasingly assert their independence by rendering decisions that reflect fidelity to the law.

He promised to share his experiences, having interacted with the work of the Commission and the Judiciary from the legislative perspective as a Member of Parliament and Speaker of the National Assembly.

On her part, CJ Koome said she is confident that Muturi will deliver on his mandate, citing that the oath he has taken today should guide him in his day-to-day work, in accordance with the law.

“I am certain you will be a valuable team-player in the Commission and serve as a link between the Commission and the executive branch as we work towards the realization of the constitutional mandate of the JSC,” said Koome.

She urged the AG to use his voice, perspectives and insights to greatly enrich the Commission’s actions in pursuit of the strategic objectives, including the overall objective of putting in place a people-centered justice system in Kenya.

Besides the recruitment and discipline of judges and judicial officers, other roles of the Attorney General in the Commission are to promote and facilitate the independence and accountability of the Judiciary.

AG Muturi who assumed his office on October 27, 2022 took over from Paul Kihara Kariuki who served the docket since 2018.

By Catherine Muindi

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