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Nyoro Offers April Salary to Needy Kiharu Residents

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro will surrender his April salary to support constituents adversely affected by impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking Wednesday, Nyoro announced that this donation will be channeled to the Covid -19 Emergency Response Fund Board, recently established by President Uhuru Kenyatta to source for funds to mitigate the impact of coronavirus.
The MP further said staff at the Kiharu National Government Constituency Development Fund have also agreed to give out 20 percent of their salaries to the Board.
The money will then be given to those residents who depend on small businesses that have been affected by the current rapid measures employed by both Murang’a county government the national government to contain spread of the deadly disease.
“There are many people who have been surviving by doing menial jobs on daily basis like boda boda riders. These people will be factored in for financial assistance,” added Nyoro.
He lauded the government for establishing the board saying a pay bill number should be given so as to enable Kenyans among other well-wishers to channel their donations.
The MP further called the government to come up with strategies on how to provide food to Kenyans in case a total lockdown is announced.
Before putting the country in lockdown, Nyoro said Strategic Food Reserves should work out on how to distribute food to grassroots and engage administrators so as to reach all vulnerable households.
“Lockdown is an effective strategy to curb this disease but before then, plans on how the less fortunate will get food need to be done beforehand,” added the MP.
He asked the government to start by locking down counties where coronavirus cases have been confirmed like Nairobi among other counties.
On power and water, the MP said the concerned companies should not disconnect supply of such basic amenities at a time like this, noting that many Kenyans are currently going through hard economic times.
Meanwhile, Nyoro said other options for allowing utilization of government funds can be employed instead of calling MPs and Senators back for legislative sittings.
The constitution, he noted has spelt out ways which can be used to allow the executive use funds without getting parliamentary approval, adding that this was not the right time to have more than 300 legislators having a session in the national assembly or the senate.
However, he called Kenyans to continue embracing measures given by the Ministry of Health to combat spread of the diseases saying those defying calls to stay at home will force the government to employ stringent measures to make people remain in their homes.
“A lot of movement and unnecessary traveling should be avoided at all cost as this will help to stop spread of the disease. From what we are witnessing, April may be the peak time for this disease so let’s all take care,” pleaded the MP.

By Bernard Munyao

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