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Children cautioned against dropping out of school

Boat riding business has reportedly occasioned an increase in school dropout in Kamanyaki location in Tharaka constituency.

However, the location Chief Makembu Muturi has asked parents to take charge and ensure their children are in school or youth polytechnics rather than leave them to get into early business.

He also noted that the dropping out trend has also resulted to increase in crime, especially petty theft and warned that those arrested will only have themselves to blame when the law takes its course.

“Once apprehended, the ones who will be prosecuted should be ready to serve jail terms as per the law,” said the chief during a baraza at Kamanyaki market Sunday.

“Technical colleges have been increased by the government and there are county and CDF bursaries and we should take advantage of it,” said the chief.

He said the youth should not only seek education to get employment but focus on employing themselves noting, as the country continues to grow, technical people are becoming more marketable.

Kamanyaki location is at the furthest end of Tharaka Nithi County, neighbouring Kitui County and where the boats are used to cross River Tana.

By David Mutwiri

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