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County to partner with the national government in implementing the multi-million Nasukuta abattoir

The National and the West Pokot County Government will partner in implementing a multimillion Nasukuta modern Abattoir in a move to enable residents who thrive on pastoralism economy earn a decent living.

The construction of the Sh178 million abattoir nearing completion started in 2010 courtesy of the European Union and the National and County Governments as part of the Economic Stimulus Programme to support livestock development and its key value chains to improve agro-pastoralist incomes.

Through a memorandum by the County Government and the Agriculture cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi, the two governments are looking for an investor to run the abattoir, a modern facility that will boost animal production through exportation of meat products from the region and improve the county’s livestock sector.

“The slaughter house needs cattle, goats and sheep. We need to improve the economy of the area thus we shall partner with the County Government and make sure the abattoir operationalises,” said the CS.

He said that they will come up with a livestock feeding programme so that the animals are of high quality for meat production for local consumption and export market.

Linturi underscored the value of value addition in the livestock sector through leather processing for manufacture of shoes, jackets and bags. He asked Kenyans to follow instructions given by the government in promoting agriculture.

Hybrid Galla goats donated by the West Pokot Government at Nasukuta Export Abattoir that is still under construction in Cheparerai within West Pokot County. Photo By Anthony Melly

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin said the Nasukuta abattoir will create employment to residents in the region.

“Livestock rearing is the mainstay of the county’s economy, and Nasukuta Abattoir will provide a great boost to the county’s economy as well as improve livelihoods across West Pokot County,” he said.

Kachapin termed the Nasukuta Project ‘a game changer’ that will transform the livelihoods of the people of West Pokot highlighting that initiatives to improve livestock breeds across the county could not have come at a better time.

“With the commissioning of Nasukuta factory, farmers will now be cushioned against exploitative middlemen thus fetch competitive prices,” said the governor.

In addition, Kachapin pointed out that the county government has set up milk and mango processing factories in Lelan and Sigor areas and will partner with the national government for success of the ventures.

By Richard Muhambe and Anthony Melly

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