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Get vaccinated, observe Covid-19 protocols, PS Mochache

Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache has urged Kenyans to continue observing Covid-19 protocols and get vaccinated to reduce the chances of contracting the contagion.


Mochache said scientists had warned that a new Covid-19 variant more deadly than the Delta and Omicron variants could strike the world and only those who followed the protocols and got vaccinated would be spared.


“Scientists have told us that a more deadly Covid-19 variant is likely to emerge, hence it is important to follow all the Ministry of Health guidelines and protocols as well as get vaccinated,” she said.


Speaking to journalists at the Baricho Bridge project in Malindi Sub County of Kilifi County, Mochache told members of the public to be vaccinated and continue wearing face masks, avoid crowded places and use hand sanitizers to minimize the risk of infection. 


“We urge members of the public to observe the Ministry of Health covid 19 regulations. Others are trying to observe while others don’t. We have seen several people not wearing their masks and yet Corona is still with us,” said Mochache.


She urged Kenyans to visit the nearest health facilities, whether public, private or mission, to be vaccinated since different variants of the virus keep on emerging.


She said people who had been vaccinated had more immunity against the disease, noting that a number of those who had been vaccinated had contracted it, but their body resistance was strong enough to fight the disease.


As of Wednesday January 12, 2022, 314,490 out of the 3,117,407 persons tested had contracted the virus in Kenya, with 5,469 deaths and 276,019 cumulative recoveries reported.


10,779,531 persons had been vaccinated out of whom 4,583,839 had been fully vaccinated with 6,103,780 having received the first dose.

By Naima Abdalla and Emmanuel Masha

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