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Isiolo Governor appeals for support to address drought

Isiolo Governor Abdi Ibrahim Guyo has appealed to development partners and organisations offering relief support to give hand in drought intervention for the sake of the hungry people in the County.

The Governor made the appeal while he was flagging off 14 Lorries of relief food to various areas of the county where the residents are starving owing to the prevailing prolonged drought.

He said his government currently targets to feed 24,000 households but the County needs to feed 30,000 according to a recent survey conducted by the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA).

Mr Guyo added that by the end of the month, 6,000 households would be added to the current 24,000 drought victims bringing the total to 30,000.

The governor said that ward administrators would be in charge of County affairs and directed them to co-chair relief committee meetings with chiefs and warned that those involved in stealing of the relief food would be arrested and arraigned in court.

Mr Guyo said that his government has suspended all development projects and given priority to saving human and livestock lives.

He at the same time appealed to the NGOs in the County to also give focus to drought intervention activities and help the starving residents.

The governor said that every household would receive 5 kg of rice, 6kg of maize flour and one litre of cooking oil.

Isiolo north MP Joseph Samal said that all attention should be directed to saving lives of the people and challenged NGOs to zone themselves to avoid duplication of activities.

Mr Samal said that there is a concentration of 38 NGOs in Ngaremara Ward alone with 2550 households but some areas have few organisations to cope with the humanitarian need.

He urged the civil society groups to operate transparently instead of asking funds from donors to help people but channeling them to their pockets while claiming it was to help the needy residents.

He added that NGOs should have a road map and clear book of accounts and should stop cheating donors using cartels who operate among them.

The MP urged NGOs to cooperate and channel their activities through the County Steering Group to avoid duplication of activities.

Isiolo County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding said that whatsapp groups would be created at every ward in the County and area chiefs and ward administrators would be automatic members where they can post the names of cash transfer beneficiaries for transparency purposes.

Omoding added that the list would be checked and reviewed by NDMA; any civil servants who register their families and relatives as needy would be reprimanded.

The CC who co-chaired special CSG with Governor Guyo said that 17559 households are currently benefiting from cash transfer where 9,000 are benefiting from civil societies and 7000 from national government and 1559 are Elderly, Orphans and People Living With Disabilities.

By Abduba Mamo and David Nduro

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