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Musicians’ Sacco embarks on plans to actualise its investment dream

A musicians’ Sacco with members drawn from larger Mount Kenya region has embarked on plans to actualise their dream of investing in a commercial building.

Talented Musicians and Composers (TAMCO) Sacco on Wednesday commissioned construction of a six-storey commercial building at Kenol Town in Murang’a; an investment which will go long way in supporting welfare of the artists.

Members of the Sacco, led by their patron, the Murang’a Governor, Mwangi wa Iria gathered at the plot they acquired early this year to commission the construction of a building which among other things will host a studio to nurture upcoming musicians.

The Sacco which was initially chaired by the late musician, John De Mathew targets to mobilise resources through concerts among other activities to fund construction of the house which will cost more than Sh.80 million.

The Interim  Chairperson of the Sacco, Epha Maina said once the house is completed, future welfare of member musicians will be taken care off.

He noted that, apart from the studio, the Sacco will rent out office space in an effort to raise money which will support needs of musicians.

“In past, lack of unity among musicians led some of the artists to die poor despite being music stars in the nation. Our aim is to unite all musicians from across the country and mobilise resources to invest for our future,” noted Maina.

He observed that they will reach out to musicians from other regions of the country and help them to unite for their betterment.

“We will move to other parts of the country and help other musicians unite. We are ready to accommodate them in Tamco and they will be represented in the Sacco through delegates,” explained the interim chairperson.

Another official of  the Sacco, Ben Githae encouraged musicians to invest for their future, saying artists should not keep decrying for little returns they get from Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCCK), which pays peanuts.

Githae observed that time to complain is over and the target should be employment of measures which will ensure musicians get better earnings.

The Patron of the Sacco, Wa Iria lauded the move by the musicians to unite and think of long term investments.

The Sacco, the governor noted if well-managed, will give bright future to musicians who in many times are ignored.

“The spirit of cooperative should be embraced in all sectors and I laud local musicians of thinking to unite and to do investments,” he stated, adding that the Sacco stands a chance to compete in securing tenders from county government so as to get funds needed for construction of the house.

Currently, Tamco Sacco has about 350 members who majority are drawn from Murang’a, Kiambu, Nyeri and Kirinyaga counties.

The musicians called upon artists who are yet to join the Sacco to do so and take part in investments.

The idea to form the Sacco was born during burial of veteran musician, Joseph Kamaru last year when President Uhuru Kenyatta challenged local musicians to unite for the benefit of their future welfare.

By  Bernard Munyao

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