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Residents urged to take care of rivers

The  Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Isaiah Nakoru has asked those living on the slopes of Mt. Kenya to take care of  rivers in order to ensure those living downstream get adequate clean water all year round.

Nakoru said some once mighty rivers had been reduced to streams that dry up, during the dry season due to poor

agricultural practices such as riverbank cultivation and planting the wrong species of trees.

He added that those living upstream should also protect the rivers from pollution, adding that those living in the

lowlands with no water had led to conflicts that could be avoided if everyone was mindful of each other.

Nakoru  spoke  at  Kiambidu Smallhoder Irrigation Scheme, in Mbeere North, when he led members of the Regional Development Implementation Co-ordination Committee (RDICC) on a tour of projects implemented by the Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Program.

The  Chairlady of the 280-member project, Mary  Nthigah, appealed to the government to consider damming Thuci River  upstream so that they have enough water for farming all year round.

She said her members had been forced to suspend their farming activities with some farmers losing their crops due to inadequate water following the prolonged drought.

Nthigah  added that the project has brought them immense benefits that include better nutrition for their families, relief from treking long distances to look for water and money in the pocket.

She  said as a result of improvements in their incomes, many families have built themselves better house while their health had improved.

Nthiga  added that damming the river will also help minimize conflicts with their neighbours as there will be enough water  to go round for everyone.

By  Steve  Gatheru

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