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Security officers told to be ruthless to cattle rustlers

The  Isiolo County Commissioner (CC), Joseph Kanyiri has called on security officers to be ruthless while dealing with cattle rustlers who he said had been impoverishing some families.

Kanyiri  also cautioned that anyone found keeping stolen animals would be charged with handling of stolen property or robbery with violence depending on the manner in which the animals were acquired.

He warned that the sentences given in courts of law may result in some innocent people being hanged, serve life sentences or get a minimum of seven-year jail term for failing to reveal how they acquired the stolen animals.

He  said the government would be exhaustive in dealing with cattle rustlers which had been a problem especially among the pastoralist communities in the region.

“The  Police Commander is well prepared and aware of what action and resources to use to get hold of the criminals who keep illegal guns and steal property especially the common livestock theft so that the crime could be brought to an end,” he said.

The  CC also urged the residents who hold illegal firearms to surrender them to the chiefs or police authorities as the first step to avoid collision with the laws.

Speaking  at the celebration to mark this year’s Mashujaa Day on Sunday, Kanyiri urged the community elders to advise the youth to learn to be self-reliant instead of being dependent on relief food and parents’ assistance because they may end up in stealing from other hard working Kenyans.

He  called upon the residents to help police and the administration in identifying suspects and owners of drugs and illicit brew dens as he urged the County Police Commander, Joseph Kigen to intensify crackdown to curb the menace.

The  administrator said the abuse of the drugs and alcohol had resulted in to many youth becoming zombies which he added was a threat to the society.

On  education, the CC asked the area parents to ensure their children enroll in post-secondary learning so that they could get skills to cope with the contemporary life and take part in enabling the country achieve vision 2030 development goals.

He further cautioned drivers to avoid crossing flooded bridges and using roads that are damaged by the ongoing rains.

The administrator also advised the residents in lowlands and areas prone to floods to move to safer grounds to avoid loss of lives and property.

By  David  Nduro

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