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We will not afford to repeat the same mistakes, Birik

The  North  Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Mohamed  Birik  has urged all tasked with the supervision, coordination and securing this year’s KCSE papers to ensure that there are no irregularities.

Speaking  on  Monday  when he witnessed the opening of the KCSE exam container in Garissa Sub County office, Birik said the region recorded one of the highest cancellations of the national examination last year.

“It’s  time and the moment for everyone involved in the supervision and coordination of the national exams to take responsibility,” Birik said.

He said that the malpractices “happened when there were exam managers, invigilators and other officials supervising the exam in all the centres.”

“If any exam malpractice will be detected and any foul play, it will be upon those tasked with the supervising the exams to take responsibilities,” he added.

Birik however, assured the candidates and parents from the region that the government will ensure that it delivers a “credible exam this time round.”

He reiterated that all exam centres are ‘a no go zones other than monitors, candidates and security personnel’.

Birik  said that security along the border with war torn Somalia where Al-Shabaab remain a threat has been beefed up on the ground and aerial surveillance increased.

There  are 15,564 candidates seating for this year’s KCSE in 186 exam centres across North Eastern region out of which 10,433 are male and 5,131 female candidates.

A  total of 699,745 candidates are expected to take the tests compared to 664,585 in 2018.KCSE

Meanwhile, the Central Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilfred Nyagwanga, has  warned of tough measures that will be taken against persons found abetting exam cheating.

Speaking  after opening examination container and overseeing the distribution of examination materials at the Nyandarua  North Deputy County Commissioner’s Office in Nyahururu town, Nyagwanga  reiterated that tough action will be taken against those who engage in exam irregularities as the KCSE  exams kicked off today.

The  RC urged all officers who were involved in the exercise and candidates to exercise high integrity during the process.

“I am urging everyone who is involved in this exercise, including examination officials, security officers and candidates to strictly comply with the set up regulations and display integrity during the exercise,” said the RC.

Nyagwanga  also directed all security officers and examination officials to ensure that measures that are meant to ensure that security of the examination materials from the container to examination centres are strictly enforce and adhered to.

“All the security officers have been briefed on all regulations and measures that will help ensure the security of the examination materials,” he stated.

The  Central Region Director of Education, Margaret Lesuuda, who had accompanied the RC stated that only authorized personnel will be allowed into examination centers.

Ms. Lesuuda also cautioned the Media against taking photographs and videos inside examination centres or when the exams are in progress, saying this may ‘distract’ the candidates.

And in Samburu County,  a  total of 4,783 students, both boys and girls are  expected to sit for their KCSE exams in 24 centres across the County.

Speaking  to KNA this morning, the County  Director Education  (CDE), Abdi Karim Mohammed, said that the exam materials reached all the centers in time and without any hitch.

The  CDE   further disclosed that due to the ongoing rains season, some of the routes, including Loosuk-Longewan will pose a challenge but assured that the papers would reach schools.

Abdikarim  confirmed that two students were doing their exams at the Maralal Referral Hospital, after they gave birth, adding that all other candidates have reported to their examination centres.

He  further disclosed that challenges have been reported whereby 28 pregnancy cases in different primary schools and absenteeism have been also reported during the just ended KCPE exams.

Two expectant girls among candidates sitting for KCSE in Murang’a

In  Murang’a, the  County Director of Education (CDE), Ms. Anne  Kiilu has said the girls are from Kangema Sub County and are expected to join others to write their examination papers.

Speaking  during opening of examination container and distribution of the papers at Murang’a South Education offices  today morning, the director said the girls at one time stopped to attend classes but hoped they will join other candidates in doing the national examinations.

She confirmed that administration of the examination in all 339 centres within the county has kicked off well without hitches thanking officers deployed to monitor and conduct the exercise for cooperation.

Kiilu  cautioned school heads against ferrying examination materials in their personal cars, saying arrangements to transport the materials with government or institutions’ vehicles are in place.

Speaking when he oversaw opening the container where the examination materials are stored, the Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Prof. Paul Maringa  said the government is committed to deliver credible examination.

He observed that members of the cabinet are out to monitor administration of KCSE to ensure it’s done in a credible manner.

“The  moment we lack integrity in our examinations, we start losing trust on the graduates we produce in the country and that means they cannot get appointments in international organizations,” noted Maringa.

“Government is putting a lot of value in education primarily because we recognize the children who are going through the examination are actually the future we have invested a lot of resources and our efforts. If we compromise the examination the future of the young people will be doomed,” he said.

“All levels of administering the examinations are properly monitored so that there will be no situation of compromise which may lower integrity of the examinations,” the PS added.

Maringa  called upon parents and teachers to support government efforts in administering transparent examinations.

By  KNA  Team 

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