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BMU members call for investigations over alleged mismanagement

The  Mnarani Beach Management Unit (BMU) members in Kilifi County have called for audit and investigations of the outfit alleging mismanagement and misuse of funds.

They complained that they have not been getting any financial support, including loans though the unit has been generating a lot of revenue including parking fees from foreign fishermen.

“Our unit has been generating funds from foreign fishermen who come daily to park their boats. We also generate funds from a Chinese company which exports coral rocks to Lamu through our BMU. But we wonder where the money goes as we have not been able to access loans,” their spokesman, Hassan Shemkuu told KNA in Kilifi town on Monday.

Shemkuu said his boat capsized early this year and since then he has been trying to get a loan to buy new fishing facilities to no avail.

Responding, area BMU Chairman, Elijah Chivatsi said those complaining are not active members who can be considered for loans by the unit.

He  claimed that due to the coming December elections, some fishermen from as far as Lamu have been coming to register as members so that they can vie for elective positions.

“Our Unit was audited recently by the Department of Fisheries as we prepare for the elections and it is false that there has been no auditing at the BMU,” he said.

Chivatsi admitted they have been raising revenue from foreigners, including a Chinese company. ”The money was utilized in putting up a new office and purchasing two fishing boats for the active 250 members,” he added.

He said active members who contribute to the BMU have been accessing loans and blamed non-active members of wrecking the unit.

By  Harrison Yeri

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