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St. Georges, Olympic secondary schools to benefit from technological training programme

Two secondary schools in Kenya will benefit from a programme which targets secondary school scholars in Africa to support them achieve high levels of creativity, innovations and other modern technology avenues.

The two schools are among other institutions in Africa to benefit from a programme by an international and energy infrastructure multinational promoting innovation, creativity and excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

The STEAM programme is designed by Sahara Group (SG) and is being implemented through its two subsidiaries -Asharami Synergy Kenya and Sahara Group Foundation.

The two subsidiaries, held a Kenyan Demo Day Event that featured students from St. Georges Secondary School and Olympic High School from Nairobi County.

Sahara Group Foundation Director Ms. Ejiro Gray said that the Demo Day showcased a diverse group of young Kenyan problem solvers with brilliant prototype designs, aimed at tackling prevalent social issues in their communities.

“The programme is focused on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to create innovative solutions, addressing real-world problems across various sectors such as energy, agriculture, security, healthcare and transportation,” said Ms. Gray.

She added, “The programme is instrumental in creating a pipeline of Africa’s next generation leaders and social innovators.”

Sahara Group is a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 42 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The Sahara STEAMers programme, an afterschool initiative in partnership with STEMCafe, was established in 2022 with the primary aim of fostering innovation, creativity and excellence in STEAM education in secondary school students in Africa.

Collaborating in teams, these students passionately presented their innovative solutions to a panel of judges.

Ms. Gray commended the students’ intelligence, creativity, and passion, especially for those who encountered their first exposure to technology and its practical applications in addressing real-world challenges.

The company has operations in 38 countries across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia continents.

Ms. Gray affirmed that the inspiring display witnessed at the event was not just a moment, but a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment of both Sahara Group Foundation and Asharami Synergy Kenya to empower young minds across Africa, fostering a future generation ready to lead with innovation, compassion, and lasting impact.

Adebola Adesanya, Country Manager of Asharami Synergy Kenya, emphasized the program’s vital role in nurturing young talents and building their innovative skills.

He stated, “We can never understate the importance of innovation and creativity, which is the essence of the Sahara STEAMers programme. The solutions presented here by all the students are real-time solutions to our problems in Africa today, and I am greatly impressed by their creativity skills.”

By Joseph Ng’ang’a

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