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Woman Detained at Kiamumbi police station for throwing twins in a dam

A Kiambu court has allowed police to detain a 22 year old mother, Margate Wanjiru Mumbi at Kiamumbi police station, on suspicion that she threw her twins into a dam early this week.
Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Atambo Friday heard that the suspect threw her 2 and half year old twin daughters Abigail Njeri and Fraria Wairimu into a dam at Kiamumbi locality within Kiambu County.
After committing the crime, she told the court that she reported that anyone who was willing to rescue them from the dam can do so but when neighbours responded, the children had already drowned.
The incident was later reported to the Kiamumbi police station where they arrested the suspect immediately.
The police requested the court to grant them permission to detain the accused at Kiamumbi police station for 14 days, during which period she will be taken to the Kiambu level 5 hospital for mental examination.
The post mortem of the deceased children will also be availed in court to determine whether the children were mishandled or mistreated prior to the incident.
Before the magistrate made her ruling, she questioned the suspect on what led her to commit the heartless act.
In her respond, Mumbi stated that she had conflict with her husband and out of rage she committed the act.
The case will be mentioned on 11th of October.
By Lydia Shiloya

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